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NO_COLORanyundeclaredTo suppress color output, set to any value or simply declare (NO_COLOR=), for example in .zshrc. Recommended when logging coverage reports to a file.
ZTR_BOOTSTRAP_FNfunctionundeclaredRun by ztr run-queue before the first queued test
ZTR_CLEAN_FNfunctionundeclaredRun by ztr run-queue after the last queued test
ZTR_DEBUGinteger0If non-zero, print debugging messages
ZTR_EMULATION_MODEstringzshThe emulation mode to use
ZTR_QUIETinteger0If non-zero, use quiet mode without passing --quiet
ZTR_QUIET_EMULATION_MODEinteger0If non-zero, use quiet emulation mode without passing --quiet-emulate
ZTR_SETUP_ARGSstringundeclaredPassed to ZTR_SETUP_FN
ZTR_SETUP_FNfunctionundeclaredRun by ztr test before the test expression is evaluated
ZTR_TEARDOWN_ARGSstringundeclaredPassed to ZTR_TEARDOWN_FN
ZTR_TEARDOWN_FNfunctionundeclaredRun by ztr test after the test expression is evaluated