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Install zsh-test-runner with a zsh plugin manager. This is the recommended method because most modern plugin managers are optimized for shell load time performance and also install command-line completions for you.

The package to install is olets/zsh-test-runner, hosted on GitHub.

Each zsh plugin manager has its own way of doing things. See your package manager’s documentation or the zsh plugin manager plugin installation procedures gist.

After adding the plugin to the manager, restart zsh:

exec zsh


zsh-test-runner is available on Homebrew. Run

brew install olets/tap/zsh-test-runner

and follow the post-install instructions logged to the terminal.


Clone the zsh-test-runner repo and add source path/to/ztr.zsh to your .zshrc (replace path/to/ with the correct path). Then restart zsh:

exec zsh